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We are proud to bring to you our main line of filtration products by Cummins Filtration and our premium exhaust systems

by Nelson Global Products as well as many other well known brands.


Here is a list of some of the types of products available to you at Filter Flush.

Cummins Filtration

•  Air Intake and Filtration Systems

• Coolant, Fuel, Hydraulic and Lube Filtration Systems

• Centrifugal Filtration Systems



Throwaway Panel Filters

•  Heavy-duty frame is bonded to the media

• Available in Polyester or fiberglass media

• Metal retainer grill added for extra durability

• Available in 1" & 2" nominal thicknesses


Fiberglass Pads & Rolls

• Wide range of media densities for all applications

• Treated and dry media available

• Complete selection of various widths, depths and roll lengths


Pleated Panel Filters

• Extended surface allows this product to provide higher efficiency and dust-holding capacity than conventional flat panels

• Class 1 product ideal for high temperature applications


Automatic Roll Filters

• Reinforced medi on a specific core type

• Available in fiberglass and polyester treated media

• Heavy-duty leaders and trailers offer easy installation and disposal

• All makes and models


AQF Molecular Filters

• Excellent products for removal of common odours and indoor air pollutants

• Various media options for specific problem molecules

• Virtually no dusting

• Provides medium efficiency particulate removal


Dust Collector Bags

• Complete line of replacement and custom bags to fit most manufacturer's housings

• Wide veriety of woven and non-woven media for reverse air, shaker, pulse jet, muti-compartment and envelope style dust collectors


Pocket Filters

• Available in 45, 65, 85 and 95% efficiencies

• Wide variety of pocket lengths and configurations

• Available in synthetic, fiberglass and Class 1 media



• Extended surface microglass media with aluminum separators

• Available in 65, 85 and 95% efficiencies

• Wide range of sizes with single or double header options

• Class 1 fire rated


Pad Holding Frames

•  Durable galvanized metal construction

• Standard and custom sizes

• Grid and mesh backings

• Optional holding gate

• Available in 1" and 2" thicknesses


Foam Pads and Rolls

• Various densities (PPI)

• Standard 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 2" thicknesses


Synthetic Cube Filters

• Medium efficiency

• High dust-holding capacity

• Self-sealing perimeter

• Dual density media


FP Gas Phase Filter

• Multiple panel design offers greater surface area for reduced resistance

• 50 or 100% fill

• Various media available to match specific target molecules


Spray Booth Arrestor Media

• Expanded paper; Fiberglass and synthetic pads and rolls

• Media designed to properly capture paint overspray without face-loading

• Available in all sizes


Liquid Filter Bags

• Complete line of micron-rated liquid filter bags and media

• Designed to ensure easy installation, change-out and disposal


Liquid Vessels

• Code and non-code bad and strainer filter vessels

• Single, duplex and multiple units for flow rates up to 45 000 GPM

• User-friendly designs


Cleanroom Ceiling Modules

• Complete protection for critical applications such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology


• Knife edge and gel seal technology

• Durable extruded aluminum frame

Nelson global products

• Complete line of exhaust and accessories

• Special Mufflers

• Large Engine Mufflers

• Construction and AG Mufflers

• Elbows, Flex Hose, Guards, Stacks, Tail Pipes, Special Tubes, Clamps Flanges and Hangers



Polyester Pads & Rolls

• Available in a wide variety of media grades, widths, thicknesses & lengths

• VL0R2 Dual Stage media is ideal for higher efficiency applications

• Optional treated media for increased performance


Washable Hog Hair Pads & Rolls

• Rigid, washable natural fiber media

• Available in 1" thickness

• Effective roughing filter

• PERMAflow incorporates media into a metal frame (1" & 2")


Self-Sealing Panels & Links

• High loft synthetic media heat-sealed around and internal wire frame

• Self-gasketing perimeter

• Wide variety of media grades and efficiencies

• Available in single panels or links


Washable Metal Filters

• Heavy-duty galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel models

• Available in various sizes and thicknesses

• Can be used as roughing filters or grease colectors in kitchen exhaust systems


Gas Turbine Filters

• Complete line of replacement cartridges, barrier cells and pre-filters

• Rugged design for the most demanding systems

• Various media options for specific particulate removal


Pleated Dust Collector Bags and Cartridges

• Spun bond media

• Low life cycle cost

• Specialty Finishes

• Variety of caps and end plates


Rigid Cell Filters

• Rigid compact design performs well in vriable air volume (VAV) systems

• Extended Surface pleat construction is available in various efficiencies and sizes

• Available with or without header


FP Mini-Pleat

• High surface are offers reduced operating costs through low resistance levels

• High dust-holding capacity

• Available in 75, 85, 95, 98 and

R-24 models

• Rated up to 3000 CFM


Inner Seal Housings

• Technologically advanced design to seal-off air by-pass

• Prevents loss of efficiency in system

• Various configurations and combinations


Residential Filters

• Wire Support panels utilize and internal wire frame sewn over a polyester pad

• Polyester Sleeves and Sleeve Rolls slip over a rusable wire frame

• Ideal poducts for most residential high-rise units


Holding Frames and Clips

• Galvanized or stainless steel

• Pre-punched mounting holes

• Pre-installed gasket

• All styles of clips


Spay Booth Intake Filters

• Wide variety of intake filters for crossdraft, preparation and downdraft booths

• Replacement filters for all makes and models


Baffle Style Arrestor Products

• Paint Mate Baffle Boxes

• Pleated Accordion

• Cost effective paint collection


Mini-Pleated Panels

• Mini-Pleated technology allows high efficiency performance in a restrictive depth application

•  Products will remove air contaminants such as fine dust, smoke, vapours, soot, pollen and bacteria


HEPA Filters

• Full product line designed to achieve the highest degree of air purification

• 99.97% and higher on 0.3 micron particles

• Available in galvanized, wood and stainless steel models


High Volume (HV) HEPA Filters

• Extremely rugged and compact construction offers 366 sq. ft. of effective surface area

• Low pressure drop

• 99.97% efficient and higher on 0.3 micron particles

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